Tuesday, March 28

IPL 2018: Women IPL will Start from 22 May

Since the Indian team’s performance in the Women World Cup last year, it is being said that there is more focus on women’s cricket in the country. Demand is also rising that women’s T20 league must also start on the lines of IPL. How will the women IPL be or if it is to rehearse them, the BCCI has decided to organize an exhibition match on this line.

Women IPL


Women Ipl 2019-

This match will be played on 22 May in Mumbai before the start of the current IPL playoff. According to the news of Indian Express, this match, which begins on the Wankhede ground from 2:30 pm onwards, will be done directly on Star Sports.

The format will be similar

This match will be played entirely on the lines of the IPL. Four teams of four foreign players will also be present in both the teams in the playing eleven. According to the news, every team will have 10-10 Indians and five or five foreign players. BCCI is in touch with foreign boards like Australia and England, and soon the names of the players will be announced.

The objective of organizing this match is to assume the mood of women as well as the admirers of the cricket as a game. This match will be a glimpse of the women’s league (wleague) which can be started soon.

IPL has started in India in 2008 and since then its popularity among people is huge. On the lines of IPL a number of other leagues have been started. One such league is Big Bash League. A women IPL has long waited thing and it will be good to see girls playing and winning T20 leagues.

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