Sunday, April 2

An iPhone got locked for 48 years. Know why?

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If you are an iPhone user and leave your phone unnecessarily with your children, then this important news is for you. This extremely strange story is from China’s Shanghai, where a 2-year-old child repeatedly entered the wrong password and locked his mother’s iPhone for 25 million minutes i.e. for 48 years.


Image Courtesy: Wrko

Faced iPhone lock issue-

Here, if the phone is locked for 30 seconds by entering the wrong password, then there is a strange discomfort in the mind. Just imagine the pain of this woman is going through after seeing these kind of iphone issues.

Image Courtesy: TOI

It is being told that the woman often left the phone with the son, the child kept on playing the video game in the phone.  when he returned home, she saw that her son had entered the wrong password several times in the phone, due to which the phone got locked. At the same time, when the woman went to technician to repair the locked phone, it was discovered that this is not the first such case. Earlier, an iPhone had been locked for 80 years because of the wrong password entry. The technician told her that either she should format the phone or wait for the said time.

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But how did this happen?

Actually, the security system of iPhone and iPad is quite strong. For this reason, the number of times you enter the incorrect password in it will increase the limit on the lockout. At first it will be locked for just 30 seconds and as long as you enter the incorrect password further, its duration will also increase.

That’s why it said that never leave your children with your phone. I think this story will teach people a lesson that they must not be careless with their belongings.

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