International Women's Day 2018: Google dedicated doodle for women's sacrifice
Monday, March 20

International Women’s Day 2018: Google dedicated doodle for women’s sacrifice

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On March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world. At present, the United Nations organizes Women Day and public holidays are held in about 29 countries on this day. Unaware of the true history of women’s day, people today praise the sacrifice, dedication or achievement of any woman.

women day

Image Courtesy: Google Doodle

Women Day Celebration 2018-

Many people appreciate their motherhood, so many people believe that women’s days are celebrated by giving a gift to any woman involved in her life. Many companies specially making cosmetics (beauty products), give special discounts etc. to women on this day. Among these, somewhere, the beginning of Women’s Day and the real issues of the women’s movement are left behind.

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People do not know women’s movement behind the start of world women’s day, under which they wanted their right to freedom, equality and respect. Instead of worshiping like a goddess, instead of seeking a respect as a common man, it is hidden in the origin of celebrating International Women’s Day.

Google Created a Doddle for Women

On March 7 2018, Google created a unique Google doodle on International Women’s Day. The special thing is that these doodles have been released a day before Women’s Day i.e. on the evening of March 7. The tradition of celebrating Women’s Day began from 8 March, 1910.

google doodle on women day

There are many special points in this Google doodle. There are several designs in it and each one has a different story. Google doodle features 12 Female Artists. These artists from different parts of the world made stories of different women. These stories are part of the Google Doodle of international women’s day 2018. Google says that every story tells about a young person, a personality and a phenomenon. Google is running #herstoryourstory.

This is the list of the 12 stories you will see on Google doodles.

Anna Haifisch – “Nov 1989”

Chihiro Takeuchi – “Ages and Stages”

Estelí Meza – “My Aunt Blossoms”

Francesca Sanna – “The Box”

Isuri – “Aarthi the Amazing”

Karabo Poppy Moletsane – “Ntsoaki’s Victory”

Kaveri Gopalakrishnan – “Up on the Roof”

Laerte – “Love”

Philippa Rice – “Trust”

Saffa Khan – “Homeland”

Tillie Walden – “Minutes”

Tunalaya Dunn – “Inwards”

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