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Make Way for Sushi on The International Sushi Day

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What better way to celebrate the Japanese cuisine than the International Sushi day.  The 18th of June is celebrated as sushiday paying tributes to one of the healthiest cuisines. Who doesn’t know that Sushi is the signature dish of Japan. Yes you have read right.

Japan dish on international sushi day


What is Sushi Day?

The International Sushi day is celebrated to increase the awareness about sushi and to clear the myths around the dish, to encourage people all over the world to eat more sushi and adore its creation.

A simple method of preservation of raw fish in fermented rice in south-east Asia is believed to be the origin of Sushi. This world famous dish has come a long way and evolved as a full-fledged dish in itself. All you can eat sushi in its several forms now.

how to make sushi


What is in Sushi Day Menu?
Sushi is the most commonly consumed Japanese dish which is prepared with the special Vinegared rice combined with a variety of Ingredients including seafood, vegetables and occasionally tropical fruits.

Types of Sushi-
The makizushi or rolled sushi

Nigirizushi or hand pressed sushi

Chirashi zushi means scattered sushi

Inari zushi or fried tofu pockets with sushi rice filling

Hako sushi or box sushi

Types of Sushi


Such mind boggling varieties certainly call for celebration and so sushi festivals are held across the world in restaurants and food festivals.

How to Celebrate World Sushi Day?

  • The best way to celebrate the day is with your family and friends. Donne your chef cap, head to the nearest grocery store, select your favourite type of sushi, procure the ingredients and cook the best sushi in town. Invite over your friends and enjoy the day in the name of healthy cuisine.
  • Head to your favourite Japanese restaurant which holds sushi events and sushi festivals and create your own combination of vegetables seafood seasoning and sauces.

celebrating international sushi day


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