Tuesday, October 3

Instagram Payments Just Made Your Transactions all The More Easier

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Remember the last time you saw that beautiful painting on instagram and wanted to buy it. But the thought of again logging on to a different site, filling up details have put you off. No such hassles any more as Instagram payments launched last month will definitely make life easier.

new featuure of Instagram payments


About the Instagram Payments  Feature-

Several brands have effectively been able to shop their products through instagram. But shoppers have to login to the specific site to complete the transaction. With the launch of the Instagram pay services you can easily transact without leaving the site. Currently this service is available in certain places in U.K and the USA.

Initially they have partnered with Racy a dinner reservation service. If you have the instagram mobile app installed on your device a few clicks and you are in your favourite restaurant enjoying with family and friends. Soon they are planning to launch the facility to book movie tickets too.

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How Instagram Payment Works?
It lets you register a debit or credit card as part of a profile, set up a security pin, then start buying  without leaving Instagram. The new payment feature on instagram will play a major role in establishing intagram at par with other social networking websites which have their own payment systems.

How can You Make Money on Instagram?
Instagram has come a long way from its initial tag of a photo sharing web site. Yes you can earn on intagram too. The uniqueness of your product category like fashion, food, décor, and fitness based on top searches will gather you some genuine followers who can help you turn your passion into profession and get paid on instagram.

How to Cash Out Instagram Posts?

  • If you have a dedicated audience who follow your posts regularly you can tie up with brands which match their searches.
  • Arrange tie up with sites and promote your product.
  • Selling photographs.
  • Offer paid services
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