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Information On Bird Watching In North Bengal

Bird watching is a wonderful and enjoyable profession. There are many people who are fond of bird watching. If you are also fond of seeing and knowing beautiful birds, you should come to North Bengal. More than one bird is seen here among the hills and forests settled in Darjeeling, the queen of mountains. At present, 250 to 300 magnificent and many rare species of birds can be seen here in the lap of the Himalayas. It is famous worldwide due to its beautiful valleys and beautiful dense forests of Dooars. Darjiling is famous for 4-T’, which means Tea, Transport, Tourism, and Timber. It has started attracting tourists from all over the country and worldwide for bird watching in North Bengal. See also, Doctor Salim Ali: Bird Man Of India

 Bird Watching In North Bengal
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Bird Watching In North Bengal

Some places in North Bengal like Phulbari Barrage and Gajaldoba Mega Tourism Hub, Darjeeling, Labha in Kalimpong district, Lole village, Alagadha, and nearby,. Nyora Valley National Park, Lataguri, Murti, Chalsa, etc. areas of the Dooars area and,. Gorumara National Park spread in Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar district attract bird lovers. Many types of birds are seen in Lataguri, Murti, Chalsa, etc., areas of the Dooars area, and. Gorumara National Park spread in Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar district. Apart from this, the birds found here include plain dagger, big dagger, water dagger, wild blue pigeon, wild myna,. Sparrow, red bulbul, variety of heron, owl, swan, duck, Eagle, Vulture, Neelkanth, Peacock, Parrot, Keshraj, Chiefchuff, etc.

According to Raj Basu, a well-known tourism entrepreneur from North Bengal and President of the Association for Conservation and Tourism (ACT), due to Covid-19 for the last 2 years, the visit of bird lovers here has been less. But after the improvement in the situation of coronavirus epidemic, now again the movement of tourists has started here. According to him, in a survey done so far in North Bengal, there are two hundred and 300 species of birds. Of these, about 50 types of species are related to this particular Himalayan region. Therefore, one can spot different birds at different times throughout the year.

Bird Watching In North Bengal

The very attractive ‘The Great Hornbill‘ found in the hills of Darjeeling is famous all over the world. Labha, Lole village, Alagadha, and Nyora Valley National Park under the Kalimpong district of,. Darjeeling mountainous region are special tourist centers for more than one bird’s world tour.

Bird watching with the boat

If you want to see nature’s beauty closely, you must use boating for bird watching. Phulbari Barrage and Gajaldoba Mega Tourism Hub near Siliguri city are like a paradise for bird watchers as birds can be seen while boating here. There are trained guides available for boating, who are told about the scientific names and local names of different birds along with boating. These guides also have good information about the characteristics of birds.

Information Of Bird Watching In North Bengal

Special arrangements for bird conservation For Bird Lovers, training people from place to place, providing birding equipment like scopes, binoculars, cameras, etc., to the tourists, etc., are included. For bird tourism, every effort is being made with the cooperation of the Government of India and the Department of Tourism, Government of West Bengal.

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