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India’s Forest Department Is Making A Eco-Tourist Spot

 According to the Travelers Choice Award 2021, the cities of India come at number 16th in the most popular cities of the world.  And perhaps this is the reason why tourism destination is being promoted in India’s forest department. Initially, The government comes up with many schemes to attract tourists, one of which is to make village Balai a new center of eco-tourism.  Balai village comes in Tharu tribe-dominated Bahraich located on the Indo-Nepal border.  It is adjacent to the Nepal border, about 70 km from the district headquarters. Nepal’s border starts only after one kilometer of this village. 

forest department

The government is preparing this scheme at a cost of Rs.2 crore.  This scheme is made by the Forest Department. According to forest officers – the state treasury can be increased by promoting eco-tourism.  This beautiful area inhabited in the foothills of the Himalayas will be able to attract tourists.  In the lush green forests, services will be provided to the tourists at their convenience. 

What is special about this tourist spot by forest department?

Its special thing will be that tourists from abroad coming to this country will also be familiar with Tharu culture. Along with this, they will also be able to see the animals of the forests like lions, cheetahs, tigers, deer, leopards, etc.  For this, a safari track will also be constructed for a 10-km long track in the forest.  There is also a plan to buy 4 Gypsies for this.  Apart from all this, four Tharu Huts and a restaurant for their food and drink will also be constructed for the rest of the tourists.  

Tharu tribes

If forest officers are to be believed, there is much more involved in this scheme.  As such, to make this scheme even more beautiful, parks for children will also be made here. This park will have all kinds of facilities such as benches for sitting, drinking water, children’s park, etc.  

At present, the approval of this entire plan is awaited. It is expected that this will prove to be a good gift for the tourists from the Forest Department.

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