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50 percent Indians eat unbalanced diet: National Family Health Survey

Unbalanced Diet:

Your habit of eating testy food make you happy especially women. But this habit is not good for your health. I am not talking about only women but also men. Every Indian specially 50% population don’t follow the proper diet. They eat unbalanced diet that makes you unhealthy. Due to this we need health tips.
unbalanced diet

How do you find we eat unbalanced diet-

National Family Health Survey found that 10% of population consume fried foods everyday. Our health vastly depends on what we eat. According to WHO, India will be the diabetes capital of the world up to 2025. Just assume your self as an example to find what you eat in a week. We mostly prefer oily and fried foods instead of milk, fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses etc. National Family Health Survey ( NFHS ) declared 47% of all women feed dark green, leafy vegetables daily and another 38% feed them only once a week. So after evaluation of daily and weekly diet habit we can say yes we unbalanced diet.
Reason behind eating unhealthy diet
This health articles will make aware behind discrimination in terms of gender. In India, We can classify to the people in two category. In the first, who can not afford vegetables, fruits and milk for healthy eating habits. Second, who can afford those nutrition but discriminate between male and female kids.
Generally women have the knowledge about healthy eating facts, but due to home budget they do cut off the balanced diet, so most of them suffer from Anaemia.
Men slightly consume milk, curd and fruits regularly than women. In Indian culture, women are less to consume chicken, meat, fish or eggs than men. Especially YUVA due to market trends, are eating junk food. Low intake of fruits and vegetables will be the reason of diseases. Proper diet plan prevents diabetes, obesity, liver disease and cancer as well.
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