Tuesday, October 3

India Successfully Complete Agni 5 Missile Test

Moving forward in the field of self-reliance, India has successfully tested Agni-5 on Wednesday. Due to The APJ Abdul Kalam, India is moving forward in the missile region. After continuous testing of cruise range missiles, the country has tested its most powerful missile Agni 5. It is being named as India’s most powerful missile. The Agni 5 missile range is that it is capable of hitting targets up to 5000 km. After that the completion of the Agni-5 missile test, India has become the fifth country to test missiles. The test of Agni-5 is a matter of pride for the people of India. Many countries of the world have come in the area of a missile hitting the target of 5000KM.

 Agni 5 missile test

Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has test-fired this missile from Abdul Kalam Island in Orissa on Wednesday night. After this successful test, it is the eighth successful test of the Agni-5 missile. Until now, America, Russia, France, and China had such missiles, but now India also has missiles like Agni-5, which can hit targets at large distances. To test this missile was fired in the Indian Ocean. When Agni-5 was launched, it started flying straight in the sky. After that, leaving behind orange smoke, this missile hit its target accurately. There is news that after this successful test of India, countries like China and Pakistan are furious.

The Agni 5 missile test

Moving forward in the field of self-reliance, DRDO has done a very good job. After the successful completion of the Agni 5 missile test, we have joined the world’s powerful countries. Let us see how Agni-5 was successfully test-fired in India?

DRDO started working on Agni 5 in the year 2005. The Advanced Systems Laboratory and Defence Research and development laboratory of Dardo’s Research Center has worked together. After that, on 19 April 2012, Agni-5 was successfully tested by a mobile launcher. The first canister test was conducted in January 2015 when it was launched from a road missile launcher. Over time, it became a successful test, and then on 10 December 2018, the seventh successful test of Agni-5 was done. And now, finally, the eighth successful launch of Agni-5 took place on the night of 27 October 2021. Let us try to know what are the features of the Agni 5 missile.

Features Of the missile

  • The biggest strength of the Agni 5 missile range is that it can send a target of 5000 km in 20 minutes. This missile can cover a distance of 8.16 km in one second.
  • It is 17.5 meters long with a diameter of two meters, i.e., 6.7 feet.
  • The Agni 5 missile can carry up to one and a half tons of nuclear warheads simultaneously.
  • The range of this missile covers the whole of Asia, the whole of Africa, and some parts of Europe.
  • This high-end missile has 7-kilometer long wiring.
  • Agni 5 missile can hit in 3 stages.
  • Agni 5 is the longest-range missile of India’s Missile Tarkas, which can be reached anywhere by road.
  • A great feature of this missile is that it can also be saved from enemy satellite eyes.
  • This missile has such technology that India can destroy even the satellite of its enemy country.
  • Like Many Other Missiles, this missile also cannot be stopped once it is released.
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