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Friday, January 27

India Is Moving Ahead With Harpoon Missile

The Government of India is making constant efforts to increase its military strength. India has also had talks with America in this regard. Last year when Donald Trump was in government in America. His administration has then conveyed to Parliament its commitment to sell the $155 million Harpoon Block II missiles and light-weight torpedoes to India. Now Joe Biden’s government has put its seal on selling it. It has been said by the US that this decision will further strengthen bilateral strategic ties. At the same time, the security partnership in the Indo-Pacific region will also increase. The Defense Department’s Defense Security Operations Agency (DSCA) of the Pentagon has been informed about this sale of Harpoon missile.


Its estimated price is being said to be $ 82 million (about Rs 600 crore). With the availability of this anti-ship missile, the firepower of the Indian Navy will increase further. Apart from this, this purchase will greatly accelerate the current and future position of India. It is very important for India’s political stability, peace, and economic progress.

India and America are very good friends.  Together with both, the vaccine production was considered together at the time of the corona epidemic. In the same way, these two countries together can do a lot in the future. According to reports, India will be ahead in every field by 2030. And India’s dream of becoming self-dependent will also come true.

Harpoon Missile

What is special about the Harpoon missile?

  •  Harpoon is an anti-ship missile.  An anti-ship missile (ASHM) is a guided missile designed for use against ships and large boats.
  •  It is a radar-guided missile. The regular Harpoon uses active radar homing and flies just above the water to evade defenses. 
  • Its biggest feature is that this missile is capable of hitting all-weather.
  • Its top speed is subsonic, about 850 km/h (460 knots, 240 m/s, or 530 mph).
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