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Monday, March 20

Increasing Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

The population is increasing rapidly around the world. But with this increasing population, the agricultural yield is getting very less. According to a recent United Nations report, by the year 2050, there will be an increase of about 2 billion people in the whole world. And nurturing all those people would require an increase in agricultural yield of about 60 percent. New technology is being used in the agriculture sector to meet the needs of the growing population. For example, Artificial Intelligence in agriculture and machine learning can be used by companies to increase the yield of agriculture.

artificial intelligence in agriculture

Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

The use of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture is slowly increasing in many agricultural-related works. Many Agritech companies are currently working to increase the yield of the crop by using artificial intelligence. With its use, many tasks like increasing the yield of crops, controlling pests, and monitoring the soil are being done. So let’s see how with the help of artificial intelligence, we can enrich the work of agriculture by improving it. Artificial intelligence or machine learning provides real-time for the algorithm. Its use helps increase the yield of agriculture and reduce the cost of the crop. The following factors affect the yield of agriculture:

  • Weather
  • Animal
  • Birds
  • The arrival of migratory insects
  • Use of insecticides
  • Irrigation Cycle, Etc.

We can get the right information about all these with the help of Artificial Intelligence to get rid of these problems. And by getting rid of these problems, agriculture can be increased. According to the report of Nasscom, there are more than 450 Agritech startups in India, and these startups are growing at the rate of 25% every year. Let us see where and how we can use Artificial Intelligence in agriculture to increase our crop yield in making accurate estimates.

Accurate estimates with the help of artificial intelligence

We know that the climatic condition is getting worse day by day. Also, with the increasing pollution, it is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers to determine the right time for sowing the seeds. In such a situation, we can take the help of artificial intelligence in agriculture. With the help of this, farmers can take the right decision by knowing the weather forecast. With this, farmers can analyze the exact situation and make different plans for their crops, such as when to sow seeds, how much water, etc. Also, With the help of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture, farmers can get even more help like soil conditions, water use, weather conditions, Analysis of temperature, Analysis of seeds, etc. in monitoring the crop.

Image based analysis

Sky scroll technologies come with a Drone-based imaging solution for crop health monitoring. In this technique, photos of crops are first clicked through the drone. After that, it is transferred from the drone to the computer via USB. The company then uses algorithms to analyze the crop with the captured images. After analysis, the company provides all the detailed reports of that agriculture through technology.

Identification of diseases with the help of artificial intelligence

It helps the farmers to increase the yield of their crops in the identification of pests and bacteria. Farmers can also identify pests and bacteria with the help of AI. It can be used to give a key tone and a warning to avoid outbreaks of diseases. In addition, to provide accurate information to the farmers, companies work to increase the yield of the crop by analyzing the weather information, remote sensing data, soil health card, Soil moisture, temperature analysis, etc. given by ISRO.

Now farmers will not have to sleep in the fields at night to monitor their crops. Instead, farmers can now use techniques like machine learning and artificial intelligence in agriculture. In this, a high alert can be done through a real-time video feed monitoring system. Then, with this alert, farmers will know immediately if there is any movement in their field. We know that the livelihood of more than half of The Population In India depends on agriculture. In such a situation, technology-based agriculture can change the way of doing agriculture in India.

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