Tuesday, March 28

How to Find how much will in-flight wi-fi cost in India for passenger

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After knowing all the requirement of air passenger, wifi internet service has been added . This service name is in-flight connectivity (IFC). But do you know about this in-flight wi-fi cost in India. Recently, TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) has approved in-flight connectivity in India.

Can you imagine in-flight wi-fi cost in India is so high

InFlightWiFi service

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Nowadays WiFi is everywhere. it is a service for people want everywhere like from cafes to bus stops, trains to airports etc. According to reports airplane wifi cost is Rs. 500 for 30 minutes and Rs. 1,000 for an hour. But you know what you could get unlimited callings, SMS and mobile data for 91 days with Jio’s Rs. 498 plan. This is huge difference between inflight wifi cost and net pack for personal use.

The price of inflight wifi varies depending on the package the customer purchases. Only few of passengers can effort this in flight internet service due its high cost.

in-flight wi-fi cost in india

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In 2016 survey found that 92% passengers want in-flight broadband. And as per need 83% passengers choose airlines on the basis of internet availability. Wi-Fi is the more commonly available technology. So wifi rates must be down to increase this choice up to 100%.

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