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Importance Of Morning Bath According To Purans

In Kurma Purana Adhyay 18, Shlok 6 to 9, it is said that- Everyone praises the morning bath, which gives visible and unseen results. Saliva flows continuously from the sleeping person’s mouth, so wake up in the morning and take bath. There is no way for a man to become pure without a bath. Therefore, bathing is said to be especially important at the time of the Holocaust and chant.

Morning bath

Meaning of being pure

Sanctification contributes to keeping the body healthy, the mind happy, and the soul pure. Bathing with the purity of both body and mind is considered to have a special meaning. Purity is both external and internal. The purification of the body and clothes by water, mud, and soap is considered external purity. Whereas giving up lust, anger, mind, attachment, delusion, greed, attachment, aversion, ego, jealousy, is said to be the inner purity of the body. This brings purity to the conscience.

What do different Purans say?

It is said in the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita that- The devotee of God has the culmination of purity. Due to this the mind, intellect, body, and conduct become so pure that only by their visions, and touch, other human being gets saved. Regarding bathing in Skanda Purana, it is said that – Immersing the body in water is not called bathing. Those bathed in Damrupi Tirtha that is, the mind and the senses have been subdued, have taken the real bath. The one who has washed his mind is pure.

Morning bath

It has been said about the importance of bath in Bhagwat Geeta that – By not taking bath in the morning, the whole day’s actions become fruitless. Similarly, in the Bhavisaya Purana, a similar thing has been told that -Taking a bath regularly in the morning gives beauty, strength, brightness, purity, age, health ruthlessness, tenacity, and intellect. Apart from this, bathing in a methodical way also destroys his nightmares.

In this way, the special importance of bathing has been explained in the Indian Puranas. This is also considered correct from a scientific point of view.

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