Thursday, October 5

Impact Of Clean And Green Environment On People

A green environment is very important for a fast-moving world. A clean and green environment has a great influence in our lives. It takes care of both our body and mind.  In today’s time, both children and adults spend more time on mobiles and laptops inside the house. It is a different matter that such situations have arisen due to Corona. But everyone needs attention in this matter.  A green environment has a great impact on health, especially on children. A study done regarding this fact. 

Clean and green environment

A Study From London

Researchers from the UK’s University College and Imperial College of London said that the development of the brain can be better in children living near trees.  Due to this, not only their emotional development, but their body can also develop well by playing in the green grass.  They said that this study will also help in increasing environmentally friendly materials in the cities or urban areas.

The researchers conducted this study based on the analysis of data from 3,568 children aged 9 to 15 years studying in 31 schools in London.  This is the age of children where their thinking ability develops.  The study looked at the overall impact of the natural environment in cities on children’s brain development, and mental health.

Pollution is high in cities. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and pollution present in the atmosphere. Due to this the environment changes and its direct effect is on the health of human beings.  Living in a place with less pollution reduces the amount of stress. The ability to think and understand in the mind starts developing on its own. 

Even before this, many studies have been done on clean and green environment.  In which it has been told that people who live near more eco-friendly environments have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. It is clear from all these studies that how important is the importance of trees, plants, and a green environment in our life. 

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