Saturday, September 23

If You Did Not See, Then What Did You See- UP Tourism

For almost two years, Corona has created panic all over the world. People’s work was being done from home, but all the facilities of the picnic had stopped. People could not come anywhere to roam. Due to this, all the tourism-related activities came to a halt. It also caused economic losses in many countries. The second wave of Corona is about to pass. Life is slowly getting back on track. Although the third wave is yet to come, it is expected that soon it can be stopped with the vaccine. The activity of the UP tourism-based system is starting in the country.

What UP Tourism says?

UP Tourism

UP Tourism has started making efforts to give activity to the tourism of its state. For the past several days, very attractive photos are being shared on the official account of UP Tourism. In this episode, different beautiful places of UP are being made aware of. Although there is more than one beautiful place in UP, the streets of Banaras attract everyone’s mind. The temples found in the street in Vanaras take you to the ultimate limit of devotion. There is so much attraction on the ghats that once you go there, you will not feel like coming back. Related to this, UP Tourism has shared the picture of Ganga Aarti of Banaras. They wrote that an evening in Varanasi will surely make you fall in love with it. Don’t believe us?

Visit here and feel its vibes.

About the food of Banaras

It’s true. The love and devotion that is found in the Ganga Aarti here cannot be found anywhere else. The person who joins here forgets all his sorrow till that time and is drowned by the ocean of devotion. In this sequence, he shared a photo related to the food and drink of Banaras. It had a picture of vegetables in a bowl of puris and leaves. Together it was written that this is how love is served in the streets of Banaras.

Also, seeing this photo, anyone’s mouth will water. That’s why my advice is that if you go to UP for some reason, then you must take out time and go to Banaras.  Believe me, after going there you will say that if you have not seen this then what have you seen.

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