Wednesday, November 29

ICC Champions Trophy 2021: India Can lose the hosting rights

ICC Champions Trophy

ICC Champions Trophy

Due to a tax case, India can lose the hosting of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2021. Recently, in an ICC board meeting in Dubai, it was said to find an alternate host country for this tournament. It is believed that the BCCI failed to get tax exemption for the tournament. The ICC has taken this step due to a lack of exemption from tax on behalf of the Indian government.

If the tax exemption case between the BCCI and the Indian government does not resolve the matter. ICC will look for an alternative country of the same time zone. The BCCI was warned on behalf of the ICC when the board did not get any tax exemption by the government after T20 World Cup in 2016.

According to the Times of India news, the ICC said in its statement that the board expressed concern with the Indian government. The concern was for all the events that have happened in India. While agreeing to the agreement, the board said that negotiations with the Indian government will continue. The ICC Management 2021 ICC Champions Trophy will relocate the host countries to the same time zone.

Apart from this, it was also announced in 2017 that funding for full member status will be increased for countries like Afghanistan and Ireland.

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