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Hypothesis Before Big Bang Hypothesis

Our earth is a unique part of the universe. Different scientists have different theories for the origin of the universe. Before the Big Bang Hypothesis, many scientists proposed Some Theories And Hypotheses.

big bang hypothesis

Big Bang Hypothesis

In 1796 a mathematician Laplace proposed a theory of Nebular hypothesis. According to this hypothesis formation of planets occurs from the substance present on the moving clouds which were related to the young stage of the sun.

Thereafter, in 1900 Chamberlain and Moulton said that a rambling star in the universe passed near the sun. As a result, a small cheroot-like substance spilled from the sun. When that rambling star moved away so far then this substance started to move around the sun. Gradually this substance condenses in the form of a planet. Firstly Sir James Jeans and then Sir Harold Jeffery supported this theory. In 1950, Otto Schmidt from Russia and Carl Weizascar from Germany amended the Nebular hypothesis. From their view, Hydrogen, Helium, and some dust particles surrounded the sun. Due to the collision of these particles a flat plate was formed and through accretion planets were formed. In this way, scientists tried to understand the origin of the whole universe.

big Bang hypothesis

Modern Theory

In modern times Big Bang Hypothesis is the universally accepted hypothesis. It is also called Expanding universe hypothesis. In 1920, Edwin Hubble proved that the universe is expanding. With passing time galaxies were moving away from each other as a result universe is expanding. According to big band theory following are the region of expansion of the universe.

  • Earlier the substance which made universe were stayed in one point like a small atom. The temperature and density of that atom was infinity.
  • A huge  explosion occured in that atom during the process of big band theory. Scientists believed that this explosion was happened about 13.7 years ago.
  • From big bang during 3 lakhs temperature downed around 4500 degree celsius. As a result substances were formed. 

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