Saturday, September 23

Human Heart: The Basic Info that You must Know

We have compiled a small collection of amazing facts about the human heart for you to impress your loved one with! The heart is a truly amazing part of the human body. Without a working heart, we would stand no chance of living. The heart starts to beat before we are born, and will beat right up until our death.

human heart beat


Interesting Facts about the Human Heart –

  1. The average heart beats 72 times a minute! This adds up to around 100,000 times a day, and 3,600,000 a year!
  2. Every day the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles.
  3. The heart starts to beat at around four weeks after conception, and continues to do so until your death.
  4. You’re more likely to have a heart attack on a Monday then on any other day of the week.
  5. There’s a one in three chance that your first heart attack will be your last.
  6. A baby heart contains the same number of cells as an adult heart but is only one-sixteenth the size!
  7. A newborn has a much faster heartbeat, beating from 70 to 190 beats per minute.
  8. A females heart is smaller than a males by about 25%. Because of this, the female heart has to beat around six times more than a male heart to pump the correct amount of blood around the body.
  9. The ‘thud-thud’ a heartbeat makes is the sound made by the four valves of the heart opening and closing.
  10. The ancient Egyptians believed that the heart, along with other major organs, had wills of their own and could move around inside the body!
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