Saturday, September 23

Huma Qureshi Proves Curvy is Sexy

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Beauty concepts vary from time to time, and it’s the svelte beauties who are in vogue now. The paradigm shift reflects in the entertainment industry as well, hence, Bollywood is ruled by tall leggy ladies these days. Although there is a dearth of curvaceous girls, curvy females, actors like Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Huma Qureshi, etc., have refused to jump on the skinny bandwagon; they embrace their curves, thereby proving that one doesn’t have to be skinny to look sexy.

.Huma Qureshi Proves Curvy

Huma Qureshi Message for Curvy Body-

Back in 2014, Huma graced the cover of Femina, standing behind a size-zero mannequin, with a message that read – “I don’t owe you perfection! My body my rules”. Huma was then lauded for sending a positive message to young girls struggling with body confidence issues.

Huma is of the opinion that talent, not body shape, should be a prerequisite for an actor. The 29-year-old beauty once said that unless she is approached to play the role of an athlete or supermodel, she wouldn’t alter her looks.

Beauty should be all-inclusive, and it doesn’t matter whether one is lean or well-rounded, the stress should be on health instead.

Huma Qureshi Red Carpet

The body-confident star usually opts for figure hugging dresses on the red carpet, and she looks absolutely stunning and elegant in them. Check out some of Huma Qureshi’s celebrated red carpet looks with natural curves.

huma qureshi curvy

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