Wednesday, October 4

Hug Day 2018: Importance of Hug in Your Love Life

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Hug day is the 6th day of valentine week. Sometimes, you can not express your love but a simple hug can do it. A hug makes your loved ones realise how much important they are to you. Hug increases your love life. Stay tuned with us to know the importance of hug in human life.

happy hug day 2018 valentine day


Celebrate Hug Day with your parents, siblings and of course with Partner

happy hug day 2018 parents


Mostly people feel shy to take hug and give hug. Generally it occurs when they are opposite gender. I am not talking about only partner to celebrate this day. Do you know- A warm and comfortable hug from your partner, brother, sister, parents and friends makes you forget all your problems. So in my opinion, you should celebrate this day with your siblings and parents as well. Hug them and make them feel that you will never ever stop to loving them.

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Significance of Hug-

Believe it or not, a warm cozy hug is more than skin deep. When you hug with your parents, you forget all the problems. You feel relax, relieves stress and pain. At that time you think, someone is here with you to fight against all problems. When you hug with your siblings, you joy more for that moment. It encourages you to flow with the energy of life and live in the present moment. When you hug with your partner,it completes you. This is a silent way of saying “You are important to me”. It shows your love, happiness, gratitude etc. It makes you calm and fills you up with love and glee.

hug day 2018 valentine

We have some types of hugs that you can try on hug day 2018-

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Bear Hug:- The bear symbolize that your partner will never ever let you go . If you get tight hug from your partner it means he/she quite serious about you.

Twirl hug:- In such hug, a guy usually lifts and hug and twirl his partner. This activity shows that how he was so desperate to embrace you in his arms.

Catch Hug:- When a man picks his lady love and wrap in his arms is called Catch Hug. It shows deep love for each other. A bone-crushing catch hug means that you both are deeply and madly in love.

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