Wednesday, November 29

Hrithik Roshan Selling Pappad Nowdays Know why?

Actor Hrithik Roshan, who is called Bollywood’s superhero, is seen selling papad nowadays. He is dressed like a ‘papad wala’ during the shooting of a movie, this photo has surprised his fans. Hrithik is very busy shooting for his next film ‘Super 30’. This photo of Hrithik, which is getting viral on social media, is also from the same film. This film is based on the mathematician Anand Kumar of Bihar. This get-up of Hrithik Roshan is for the biopic of Anand.

Check out Hrithik’s look here:

Hrithik Roshan-Super 30


There are many photos of Hrithik Roshan’s papad selling on Instagram. Not only that, a video of him is also viral, in which it can be heard clearly that Hrithik is shouting ‘Papad le lo’ while driving a bicycle. Hrithik is usually seen in superhero movies but this get-up of Hrithik has shocked his fans and critics,

At the moment, only this scene has been released, there are many other scenes which is yet to be shoot. This film is set to release around Republic Day next year.

The movie is based on the struggles of Anand Kumar. Super 30 prepares economically weaker children for admission test of IIT. More than 400 students have cracked IIT exam after studying in the institute.

Directed by Vikas Bahl and presented by Sajid Nadiadwala’s NJE Productions, ‘Super 30’ starring Hrithik Roshan will be released on January 25 next year.

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