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How to Take Care of Your Hair Care during Pandemic 

Corona pandemic and shutdown of the beauty industry including hair and beauty salon making our lifestyle tough. The people who are depending on various salon treatments such as haircuts, hair care packages  and hair color are wondering for easy tips to pamper them at home. However, it is quite difficult to give a salon-like finish but taking care of hair is not as difficult as seems. If you are following the right tips and routine then you are on the right track. In order to take care of your hair during a pandemic, try these hair care tips. 

Choose right shampoo

Using an ideal shampoo according to your hair concerns and hair types is the great way to manage your hair easily. Shampoo helps nourish your hair and cut out the hair issues. There are different types of hair texture and hair products based on it. You should know your hair type whether it is dry, oily, curly or straight. Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your skin type and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. Avoid harsh chemicals and sulfate induced shampoo and consider your hair type first.

Deep oil massage

Have you remembered Grandma champi with hot oil? How relaxing and rejuvenating it is! Oil massage helps nourish the scalp from the deep. It also gives you healthy hair and stimulates hair follicles along with extreme deep hydration. Your hair follicles need enough moisture that comes in the form of deep oil treatment. This treatment helps to improve the quality of your hair and makes your hair strong and lustrous. Oil massage once a week repairs damaged hair, hair falls and fizziness. 

Condition regularly

Shampooing your hair is not enough, conditioning regularly is a must for healthy and nourished hair. Conditioning helps to lock in moisture, turns hair shiny and minimizes hair loss. You can simply use it after washing your hair with a suitable shampoo. You should try to apply conditioner in your hair strands properly and leave it for a few minutes then wash it off. Rinse your hair thoroughly after this that gives much-needed glow. Don’t overdo it, once or twice a week is enough.

Wash hair with caution

Washing your hair with caution is also crucial in order to make your hair lustrous and shiny. Don’t overeasy your hair, twice or thrice a week is enough. And also don’t use excess hair products. You should wash and comb your hair with utmost care and pamper. Over washing can strip out the moisture from your hair. Avoid using heat induced tools that contain extreme temperatures and can damage your hair effectively. You should comb your hair with a wide toothed comb and not with wet hair. 

Trim regularly

Hair breakage and split ends are the most common problems that occur regularly. And the solution to this problem is trimming your hair regularly. You should trim your hair every 2 or 3 months. Split ends can occur due to several issues such as pollution, heat and lack of nutrition. Split-ends free hair and continuous hair growth can be maintained through trimming sessions regularly. You can also define the frequency based on your hair requirements and the need for trimming of your hair. It keeps your hair growth smooth and makes your hair lustrous and healthy.

Hot towel treatment

Having a hot towel spa treatment is the most effective thing you can do with your hair. You might not know that the ideal way is to make oil deeply nourish by wrapping the hot towel around your hair. After oiling and massaging your hair, you have to take a towel and dip it into hot water. Then wrap it around your hair and let it be for 20 minutes. After that, take a head bath and let your hair dry naturally.

Use hair serum

Hair serum is the most ideal treatment for your hair to make it nourish and moisturize. There are a lot of hair serums available in the market, you can choose one of them according to your hair needs and wants. Serum is known to help in preventing your hair from getting that strange frizz. Along with this it helps to make your hair tangle free as well as makes it smooth and shiny instantly.

Say no to blow dry

People are searching for quick and easy solutions to make their lifestyle easier and blow dry is one of them. It is acceptable that blow drying is quite easy to do but it is also acceptable that this strategy is not so good for your hair. Being at home, you should use any hair tools such as straightener, curler, setting spray, hair dryer and gel. Give your hair and scalp a detoxifying feeling for a few days during this pandemic. Avoid blow drying your hair after rinsing or washing. 

Bottom line

Hair is the most important part of your beauty, especially for girls. It requires a proper amount of nourishment and moisturization. This helps you if you are tired enough to use the hair products and see no change in hair quality. You can follow these tips to manage your hair in this pandemic period. Shampoo your hair according to hair type and give deep oil treatment regularly. Try to manage stress and pamper your hair with extra luster. Properly care for your hair after washing.

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