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How To Take Care Of The Newborn Baby?

The season of diseases is going on right now. In this season, we adopt many methods to keep ourselves away from disease. Elders people can protect themselves, but if there is a newborn baby in the house, it is important to pay attention to its safety because they cannot protect themselves. The care of a newborn requires a lot of vigilance. The responsibility of the mother and the elders of the family is important in this. The people of the house need to know how to take care of the newborn baby. Do not do anything that endangers the health of the child.

We are telling some such measures by which you can keep your newborn baby away from the risk of disease. It is important to take special care of children because their skin is different from the rest. And children cannot speak their minds to anyone. We have to understand from his gesture what the problem is with the baby.

newborn baby

Ways to take care of newborn baby

  • Always use lukewarm water for bathing a newborn baby. Warm water is very suitable for the immunity of the baby. However, never forget to use cold water because there is a risk of phlegm from bathing the newborn with cold water.
  • Newborn’s skin is very soft, so be careful in choosing their clothes. Baby clothes should always be soft and silky. If the clothes remain soft, then there will be no negative effect on the skin. On the other hand, rough clothes harm the baby’s skin.
  • If there is a newborn in the house, do not keep him away from you even for 2 minutes. Always take care that the child does not come in contact with wet clothes. If the child is in contact with wet clothes for a long time, then the risk of pneumonia increases.
  • As we told that the newborn’s skin is very soft, so it should be avoided to take it in the hot sun. The skin of a newborn change with time. And due to scorching sun, the skin can be affected. Skin disease can cause many problems. If ever the newborn baby had to be taken out in the sun, give him the shade of clothes so that direct sunlight will not fall on the child’s body.
  • It is often seen that powder is applied to the newborn baby. Apply powder to the baby but in small quantities. And put it slowly and put it slowly. Because the newborn is often put to sleep by applying the powder, sometimes the powder particles enter the body through the nose and mouth. If the powder accidentally reaches the lungs through the nose, then the newborn baby may have to face a lot of trouble. The powder can cause lung infection, and the newborn baby may have difficulty breathing. Therefore, whenever you apply powder to the child, apply less and slowly. One more thing to keep in mind is that the powder is of good quality. Otherwise, it can affect the baby’s skin too.
  • According to the doctor, elders should not apply mustard oil to the newborn baby. Applying mustard oil affects the baby’s skin. Instead of mustard oil, apply coconut oil. Coconut is very beneficial for health. Coconut oil will not spoil the skin. Keep one thing in mind here, too, that coconuts oil should be in good quality or brand.
  • Mother’s milk is like nectar for a newborn baby. Mother’s milk not only helps in the overall development of the child along it also plays an important role in fighting disease. Also, mother’s milk has the power to increase immunity. It has all kinds of nutritional properties which are necessary for the growth and development of the newborn. The mother should exclusively breastfeed a newborn baby for 6 months.
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