Wednesday, December 6

How To Take Care In Monsoon Season

Recently is the season of monsoon. This is a very good season in respect of crops because, in India, most of the crops are dependent on rains. It also gives relief from the scorching sun. But everything has two sides. Rains also bring many diseases with them. It is moist in rains which increase the effect of bacteria and viruses. These viruses and bacteria affect the immune system of the body. Due to this, you are likely to be at risk of health-related problems.


Points that need to be care during monsoon season.

Let us deal with some points to secure yourself in monsoon season.

  • Wash green leafy vegetables thoroughly so that to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • Drink hot soup instead of cold drinks and salad.
  • Keep your body warm because in cold body viruses and bacteria get a chance to attack.
  • If you a patient with diabetes then do not walk in wet shoes or stay away from wet floors. Because in wet places, viruses multiply fast.
  • If you are drenching then try to cover your head.
  • Stay away from dirty water.
  • Increase Vitamin C in your diet. It works fast against cold as well as increases the immune system.
  • If you get drenched in the rain, then taking a bath will almost eliminate your risk of infection.
  • Clean your nails of hands as well as toes.
  • Most people love to eat street food in the rain but still avoid to eat this food because it can increase the chance of infection.
  • Temperature falls during monsoon. So, you can drink hot soup, hot milk, tea, etc.
  • Do not use AC after drenching. Wet clothes should not be worn for a long time.
  • Change your diet. Eat healthy, light, and digestive foods.

In this way you can protect yourself in the monsoon season.

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