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How To Save Children From The Effects Of Air Pollution

With the onset of winter, the effects of air pollution increase significantly in many areas. Recently, due to the increasing pollution in Delhi, a worrying situation has come to the fore. Due to The Growing Pollution in and around Delhi, many diseases are increasing among the people. Even during Diwali, due to firecrackers, a lot of pollution gets into the atmosphere. Due to the increase in pollution, it has a great impact on the health of the people. Especially the health of children is more troublesome.

effects of air pollution

A few days ago a survey saw that the level of pollution in cities had increased significantly. It is causing difficulty in breathing for the children. Children’s body is a little weak, so they need special care. Let us see how to take care of children’s health during pollution. Before giving information about how to save children from the effects of air pollution, let us see how pollution affects children.

As usual, in many places, the air quality starts deteriorating as soon as winter begins. There is some reason for this. One reason is that during Diwali, there is an increase in air pollution due to firecrackers and some smoke generating lamps. Another reason may be that the farmers burn the remaining grass in the field itself when the paddy is harvested. Due to this, air pollution increases in the surrounding areas.

The Effects Of Air Pollution

Infants and children have been shown to suffer from poorer air quality than adults. However, this is not happening for the first time. It has been observed that over the last five years, there has been a steady increase in the use of inhalation therapy like a nebulizer, metered-dose inhalation, and dry powder inhalation. More and more inhalation therapy is being given due to respiratory symptoms in children.

Due to the two reasons mentioned above, air pollution takes at least four months to end. During this time, people are forced to breathe with air pollution. Living in this harmful air affects every person, but the effects of air pollution are more in children. Every child’s ability to reduce or detoxify pollution is different. The airway epithelium in children is more permeable than in adults that making them more prone to diseases. Children growing up in highly polluted cities can prove fatal, the hazardous air effects on their underdeveloped lungs and respiratory systems. Let us see how you can save your child’s health from the effects of air pollution.

Put a humidifier In your house.

Many doctors advise people to install air purifiers at home to avoid respiratory problems. There are many benefits of purifiers. First, many types of filters work to remove the impure air from the house. Along with this, it also helps in eliminating the bacteria present in the place.

Keep windows and doors closed

If you cannot install a purifier at home, try to keep windows and doors closed. Toxic pollutants enter the house through windows and doors. Therefore, keep your windows and doors closed until the air quality becomes normal. Apart from this, if you are doing any cleaning work related to dust in the house, you should cover your nose and mouth properly. You will save yourself as well as you will be able to protect your children from infection.

Keep children away from things with a strong fragrance

If you have A Newborn Baby In Your House, do not use perfume. Apart from this, do not do any paint-related work in the place in the presence of children. Things like perfume or paint release harmful particles into the air. So, it is best to keep away from newborns to these pollutants. Especially to children, this harmful particle proves to be toxic in the lungs through inhalation.

Try to get out of the house less to avoid the effects of air pollution

As long as the air quality in your area is poor, young children and the elderly should at least step out of the house. Newborn children should not be taken out of the house even by mistake during air pollution. If young children leave the place to go to school, do not let them go without a mask. Your child may get out of the house and remove the mask, so be sure to tell about the danger of air pollution from it. In this way, now you can get relief from Air Pollution for your family and children. If there is any problem related to breathing, then you should contact the doctor immediately.

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