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Monday, March 20

How To Keep Inverter Battery Life, Long Lasting?

In the last few days, power has been affected in many parts due to the coal shortage. Current figures show that India has only 106 years of protected coal left. Due to such an acute shortage of coal, the coming times will not give the form of modernity. In such a situation, some people have started keeping inverter batteries in their homes For Charging Mobiles, etc. If you also want to keep an inverter battery in your home, you have to pay attention to its care. If you already use an inverter, then inverter battery life needs to be taken care of.

inverter battery life

Inverter battery is very expensive, and with proper care, it can last for three to four years. If it is taken care of regularly, then its life can increase. Due to being expensive, people have not always bought the battery of inverter, so it is very important to take care of it. Here are some tips to take care of the inverter battery life, using which you can extend the life of your battery to a great extent.

Inverter battery Life

The proper place to store the battery

To increase the safety of the battery, where you keep the battery also matters a lot. The battery should be kept in such a place where the sun’s rays do not fall directly on it. Although everyone takes care of this while keeping the battery, you should also check your windows, and sometimes there will be direct sunlight from the windows. You can also use a trolley to keep the battery in a good place so that it cannot be damaged below. The battery storage area should be completely dry and ventilated. Always make sure that there is no heat source around it. All batteries require ventilation, but the flat plate and tubular batteries require more ventilation, so keep this in mind while buying. Batteries need ventilation because they emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Regular use

You must be aware that regular use of anything can increase its life. The same happens with the inverter battery life; if you use it regularly, its life can increase; otherwise, it may get damaged in a few years. If there is a power cut in your area, then you can use the inverter battery regularly, but even if there is no power cut, you should continue to use your inverter battery from time to time.

Take care of battery cleanliness

If rust develops on the terminal of the battery, clean it immediately, or else it could damage the battery. To clean it, prepare a mixture of warm water and baking soda. Rust is easily cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and hot water. You can also use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the nut bolts of the terminal to prevent corrosion.

Do not use acid

For the battery to charge properly, it needs to be refilled. Many people use acid at the time of refilling, which is likely to shorten the battery’s life. These bacteria are known as lead-acid, i.e. they already contain the amount of acid. That’s why never add acid to the battery at the time of refilling. You use only distilled water for refilling. Distilled water is easily available at petrol pumps in battery shops.

Keep out of reach of children. 

By the way, it is better to keep the battery at ground level so that its indicator can be easily checked from time to time. But you also have to take care that keeps it out of reach of children. It will be Good For Children too. Children are very playful, so they will want to touch the battery, and when they touch it, they may get into an accident. If you have an (s.m.f)Sealed Maintenance Free battery, you can keep it at a higher level, and it will also protect the battery.

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