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How To Increase Height In Your Children?

Long height brings out A Beautiful Look to the personality. Everyone wants their height to be tall to look better than others. But the height stops after an age. Nowadays, small children also take various measures to increase their height. You must know that the lowest height people worldwide are found in India. Even our country has the shortest height children in the world. India’s children are among the world’s shortest children. Because of this, many parents keep looking for ways to increase height of their children.

increase height

The height of any person depends on two things. First genetics and second diet. If the height of a child’s mother or father or someone else in their family is less, its height is short. And the second reason is that if the child does not get the right nutritional food at the time of his growth, his height stops. Therefore, when a child is growing, he needs a diet food with the right nutrients. Although the genetic effect on a person’s height is high, paying attention to food and lifestyle can reduce that effect.

According to data from the National Family Health Service, children in India are the shortest. The biggest reason for the low height of the children of India is the lack of nutrients in their diet, due to which their height stops. According to the survey, the height of most children cannot increase because the mother does not take proper diet during pregnancy. If you also want that your child’s height does not stop due to nutritional foods, then for this, you have to follow some tips.

Ways to increase height

Start giving a balanced diet.

The food needs to be full of nutritious elements for children’s height. Some children do not like to eat a balanced diet rich in food. Such children mostly like to eat outside food such as burgers, pizza, momos, samosa, chips, etc. Children do not understand that eating such food every day can harm their health. But as a parent, you should understand that such food can also put children in trouble in the future. Therefore, if you want to increase the height of the child, then give him a diet rich in nutrients. Include balanced amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, etc., in children’s diet. Apart from this, you must include milk and pulses in children’s daily diet.

Include sprouted grains in the diet.

Feed grains like whole grams to the children daily. Feed 2 cups of whole grains daily to children from 1-3 years. Whole grains include nutrients like protein, iron, calcium, and B vitamins that take care of children’s health. Sprouted grains also play a big role in increasing height.

Teach them to exercise to increase height

Exercise is very useful in increasing the height of children. Certain exercises like stretching are very beneficial for children’s height. By doing this regularly, there is an improvement in the children’s height, which you can feel yourself. Hanging exercise is also very beneficial for the height of children. There are also many benefits of exercise that you know. If children have the habit of exercising since childhood, they will not have health-related problems in the future.

Encourage to play outside.

It has been revealed in many studies that children who play more have a good height. So encourage children to play outdoor games. However, Due To Covid, children have been prohibited from playing outside for 2 years. But you can play around the house by yourself with your kids. It will not only have a good effect on the health of the children, but you will also get a chance to spend time with your children.

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