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How the variants of Corona were named?

Since the time Corona has come, we have been hearing its name every day. A strange fear creeps into the minds of people after hearing the strange names of the corona. There is nothing to panic about after hearing the name. Today we will know how the variants of corona are named. 

Variants of Corona are named from the letters of the Greek language. When the corona goes to different places, a mutation occurs inside it due to the environment. That mutation gives birth to new variants of the corona.  WHO (World Health Organisation) thought that instead of remembering these variants after the name of the place, they should be given their own name. That’s why the WHO started naming the variant in Greek. 

varients of corona

There are a total of 24 letters in the Greek language from alpha to omega.  WHO has so far identified 11 variants. Some of which are quite dangerous and some are still under research. 

Four Dangerous variants of corona

  • Alpha (B.1. 1. 7) – This variant was first found in the UK in September 2020. And since then it has spread to 173 countries.
  •  Beta (B. 1. 135) – This  variant was found in South Africa in August 2020. So far it has arrived in 122 countries.
  • Gamma (P.1) –  The first case of this variant was revealed in Brazil ,December 2020. Since then it has spread to 174 countries. 
  • Delta (B.1.617. 2) – This variant was found from India which spreads 55 percent faster than Alpha.  Delta Plus is its mutated sub variant.

Variants that need monitoring.

  • Eta – The first case of this variant was reported in the UK and then in Nigeria.
  • Iota – The first case of this variant has come to light in New York.  
  • Kappa – It can also be called the younger brother of Delta. So far two cases have been reported in UP.
  • Lemda – Its first case was reported in Peru. Till now no case has been heard from this in India.
Variants of corona

The variant from which there is no need to fear too much

  • Epsilon – The first case was found in California.
  • Zita – The first case was found in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Theta – First case was found in the Philippines.
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