Tuesday, March 28

Holi Week Special: A village where people do not celebrate Holi

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As soon as the name of Holi festival is said, the idea of colour and gulal comes in the mind. But there is a village in Korba district where the villagers have not celebrated the festival for the last several decades.


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Let’s know the reason behind Holi.

The colourful festival of Holi is world famous and everyone has heard about this festival of colour. But it is true that residents of Kharhari village have not played the festival for the past several decades. Let us tell you why the festivities of mutual brotherhood and social harmony is not played in this village.

According to the villagers, 151 years ago when their ancestors were carrying out the ritual of ‘Holika Dahan’, their houses were also started burning, The villagers believed that this is due to some divine outbreak. This is one such reason that the villagers do not celebrate the festival..

Some villagers also point out that on the day of Holi, one villager played Holi colours with other villagers and his health suddenly became deteriorated and he died. This created panic among the villagers and abolished playing this festival.

Village Kharhari’s rural people also tell the previous reason behind the fact. It is related to temple of Adashakti Mata Mandarani. According to a villager, the goddess gave her a dream that the people of her village would not celebrate Holi. The villagers believed her dream and not celebrated Holi since then.

The tradition of not celebrating Holi in Kharhari village still persists. Apart from this village, Holi is played everywhere with joy.

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