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History Of Laptop: Know First Commercial Laptop

History Of Laptop: In today’s time, Computers And laptops are an important part of life. There are many types and models of computers and laptops also available in the market today. The latest laptop model is in the market, its technology is very good, and it is also very less weight. But do you know when the first computer laptop was made and its features. Today we will know about the first laptop made in the history of laptops.

History Of Laptop

A laptop computer, or simply a laptop, is also known as a notebook computer, notebook, notepad, and incorrectly as a laptop. It is a small portable computer. Its main components are processor, screen, keyboard. Built into a unit capable of battery-powered operation, it typically weighs 2–18 pounds (approximately 1 to 8 kg) depending on dimensions, materials, and other variables. Earlier laptops did not look like today’s laptops at all. However, the laptop could also be easily carried around and used by keeping it in the lap. Mentioned below are some computers previously classified as portable computers (laptops).

The first laptop computer: Osborne 1

history of laptop

Even before the arrival of Osborne 1, some other laptops had been invented, but The Osborne 1 was accepted by most historians as the first truly mobile computer (laptop, notebook). Also, it was the first laptop that was commercially successful. The “Osborne-I” portable computer was launched by the Osborne Corporation on 3 April 1981. Adam Osborne, a pre-book publisher, founded Osborne Computer. There was no onboard battery to turn on this laptop computer. A Wall socket was also required to operate it, from which electricity was supplied to start this portable. It weighed around 11kgs and cost $1795. The Osborne 1 also had a five-inch screen, included:

Other Features Of Osborne 1

  • Weight: 24.5 pounds 
  • Processor: Zilog Z80 @ 4.0 MHz 
  • Memory: 64K Memory 
  • Display: Built-in 5” Monitor 
  • Port: 53 X 24 Text, Parallel / IEEE-488, Modem / Serial Port 
  • Storage: Dual 5-1/4 inch, 91K drive 
  • O/S: CP/M
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