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Hindi Divas: Need To Be Understand In A New Way

Hindi Divas: In today’s time, everyone has a smartphone in their hand. People easily exchange messages through WhatsApp on mobile, that in Hindi. I mean to say that there was a time when it was necessary to learn English to operate a smartphone, but now there is no such thing. Now, no matter what the phone is, the facility is also available in Hindi everywhere. People often write long stories in Hindi on Facebook and WhatsApp. Facebook App Is Coming With A New Feature. The interesting thing is that all these things are also done by those people who have difficulty typing Hindi. But now, due to simple technology, it has become easy to type Hindi on mobile and write in Hindi.

Hindi Divas

During the chatting and posting from morning till night, people write thousands of Hindi words. One thing can be said that the tradition of writing letters has disappeared in a way due to the convenience of every type of mobile. But it can be called the need of the hour.

Most of the companies provide their facilities in Hindi: Hindi Divas

The eyes of all the big and multinational companies of the country and the world are towards the huge market of Hindi. They all know very well that if they want to bring their goods to the market, they have to provide a facility in Hindi according to the convenience of the customers. They know that the convenience of the customers is in Hindi instead of English. This is why in the last few months, all kinds of companies are getting this promotion done through TV or another digital medium that now people can easily get the goods by searching in Hindi and sitting at home.

Now Hindi speaking people also do not have to worry about ordering goods. Instead of searching for the goods in English, you can easily find them in Hindi and get them ordered. There is talk of Hindi being weak in front of English. It is also said that our young generation, teenagers, and children are quite indifferent about Hindi. They neither want to read, write nor learn and speak the Hindi language. But are we considering that the world of technology is running at the behest of Hindi in today’s changing era? In such a situation, it can be noted that Hindi should be imparted in a new and interesting way by removing the old and cumbersome method.

How we should learn?

We must have heard from our elders that if a line is to be shortened, it does not erase or scratch, but a bigger line is drawn in front of it. The line before this becomes shorter in front of the second line. The same thing applies to learning Hindi as well. To learn Hindi, do not oppose English or any other language as an enemy. Rather, with the demand of changing times, some simple, easy, and interesting way of learning Hindi has to be found.

It is the responsibility of our Hindi scholars, writers, litterateurs, scholars, journalists to try to explain serious and difficult languages. Today, books of good writers of difficult subjects like science, mathematics, economics are available in English only, due to which children are bound to read them in English only. Those children who are talented but, because of being weak in English, cannot do their performance properly. Even after being interested in the subject, he could not choose that subject due to fear of English.

Hindi Divas: One good thing in all this is that, understanding the difficulty of these students, some teachers and knowledgeable people of the country are explaining the topic in Hindi through an online medium. They are taking the initiative to explain difficult subjects in Hindi and other regional languages. However, no such talk and initiative started from the side of litterateurs and writers. Thus, it is very necessary to teach Hindi in a different way.

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