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Higher Educational Institutions Should Include In Ranking.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) outlines the functioning of institutions across the country. It identifies broad parameters for ranking various universities and institutions. It was launched on 29 September 2015 after being approved by MHRD. Recently the news is coming that the competition for the ranking of NIRF for higher educational institutions will be tough. The biggest reason for this is an initiative taken by the Ministry of Education. Under this, higher education institutions across the country will be prepared for quality education by the ministry of education as per the norms set by NIRF. UGC (University Grants Commission) and NBA (National Board of Accreditation) will work together in this. A campaign will be launched across the country for this work by the government. The goal of this entire campaign is to improve the quality of education in higher educational institutions. Along with this, these institutions have to be brought under the purview of ranking.

Higher educational institutions

Why is this campaign necessary?

The number of existing higher education institutions in the country is more than 50,000. But at present, only 6000 higher educational institutions are included in NIRF’s India ranking. Only these 6000 institutes participate in NIRF’s India Ranking. There can be two main reasons for the rest of the country’s institutions not to participate in it. The first is that those institutions are not ready for the competition, or the second reason may be that they are not interested in this competition. Through this campaign, the government will add institutes to NIRF’s India Ranking by removing this problem of higher educational institutions. Only 6 thousand educational institutions participated in this year’s ranking. Taking this matter seriously, the Ministry of Education campaign aims to include at least twice the number of institutions in the ranking next year.

On the occasion of NIRF’s India Ranking 2021, the Education Minister has suggested the regional reformation ranking of higher educational institutions. With his suggestions, other institutions will also take part in this competition with great enthusiasm. For this, it will be a challenge to prepare the institutions according to the standards set. For this, the Ministry of Education is preparing to bring a new scheme soon. However, it is believed that this work will be finalized by the government only after discussions with higher educational institutions.

What will be the focus?

The following are the things that the Ministry of Education will focus on to bring higher educational institutions under the purview of NIRF rankings.

  • No. of Regular Faculty
  • Average of student and teacher
  • Total number of students, including PhD students
  • Financial resources and their utility
  • Publication of research papers
  • Number of patents
  • Number of practice
  • Percentage of other states or country’s states
  • Percentage of female students among students
  • Perception Ranking, etc

According to sources associated with the Ministry of Education, even before the release of NIRF’s India Ranking 2021, an initiative has been taken to improve the regional ranking and connect more and more institutions to it. The goal is to have double the number of institutions next year. The government will bring all the plans related to this to the fore in no time. It has also been suggested to include private institutions prominently has also been suggested to include private institutions prominently. Because this time, the number of private institutions participating is very less. There are more than 1000 universities, almost 42 thousand colleges,3 thousand engineering Colleges, five thousand management colleges, and 550 medical Colleges across the country.

It is expected that this campaign by the government will improve the quality of higher educational institutions. With this, the students of the country will also get the benefit of getting a quality education.

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