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High-Calorie Foods For Weight gain In Winter

Food lovers prefer the winter season lot. Because In The Winter Season there are many things available to eat and drink. During this, the weather outside remains cold, and people enjoy eating hot food. People spoil their health by eating food like this. In the winter season, the body remains sluggish, and our weight starts increasing suddenly. The reason for this is that we consume plenty of fried, spicy, deep-fried food and sweet things for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. This whole thing works to gain weight. These foods are high in calories, which helps increase weight fast. Obesity is not a good thing for health. Sometimes it takes the form of a serious disease. That’s why today we will talk about high-calorie foods for weight gain in winter.

If you are also a food lover, take special care of your diet in winter; otherwise, it will not take long to increase obesity. However, if you remove some high-calorie foods from the diet to control obesity, your obesity will remain under control. Let us see which high-calorie foods will keep obesity under control by eliminating them from your diet in winter. We will see about high-calorie foods for weight gain one by one.

High-Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

Dumplings (fritters)

Generally, everyone likes to eat fritters in winter. Crunchy and hot dumplings also look very tasty in the winter season. That’s why no one can refuse dumplings even if they want. But you know that in one serving of dumplings, you take in at least 350 calories. To burn so many calories, you will need to work out for 30 minutes, which will then recover. The more fritters you eat, the more you will increase the number of calories in your body. That’s why you should eat fritters in limited quantities so that you can recover after working out.

high-calorie foods


Parathas are everyone’s first choice in breakfast. It is easy to make paratha and is very tasty to eat with chutney and sauce. A lot of vegetables are available in winters, due to which people make different types of parathas such as cauliflower parathas, radish parathas, onion parathas, potato parathas, paneer parathas, etc. People’s mouth waters on seeing such parathas. Not only this, people search famous paratha shops to eat parathas and fulfill their paratha food cravings. But such a delicious paratha makes you gain weight fast. The butter and flour used in it are very effective in increasing your obesity.

high-calorie foods

Non-veg: High-calorie foods

The sale of non-veg usually increases in winter, and non-vegetarian people eat more non-veg food in winter. During this, many restaurants also offer a lot of non-veg items. In non-veg food, fried varieties like chicken nuggets, popcorn chicken, spicy and oily mutton curry, and tender chicken attract people. But usually, these items are full of unhealthy fat, carbs, and calories, which are responsible for weight gain. Therefore, if you do not want to increase your weight, you have to avoid eating all these things.

Caffeinated drinks

After taking a break from work in the winter season, people like to drink tea and coffee. In winter, people crave for hot and tasty drinks to keep their bodies hydrated. Along with reducing the fatigue of the body, these drinks also give a feeling of warmth. Different Types Of Tea, hot coffee, or hot chocolate helps in warming up your body in cold weather. All these drinks are rich in caffeine which reduces the effect of adenosine. Adenosine is a type of chemical present in our brain that helps a person to sleep well. But the continuous consumption of caffeine affects the sleeping pattern of a person. Increases appetite due to poor sleep. When hunger increases in winter, people like to eat more fried things, due to which their weight also increases.
That’s why you should avoid these high-calorie foods, especially in the winter season.

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