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Friday, February 3

Heaven On Earth In India: Srinagar, Kashmir

There is some hesitation in the tourists after Hearing The News Of Kashmir, which is called the paradise of the earth. It is called heaven on earth in India. That’s why most tourists come by booking a package tour of five-six days in advance, including facilities like a visit to Srinagar Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Gulmarg, 3-4 nights in a hotel one night stay in a houseboat. Seeing Kashmir only in films, it is astonishing that this place is more beautiful than films when the grown-up generation reaches here. Let us see about heaven on earth Kashmir (Srinagar).

Heaven On Earth In India

Heaven On Earth In India

The biggest attraction of Srinagar is Dal Lake. As your shikara moves along the waves of the dal, many other shikaras surround you. Somewhere food and drink are being sold on these shikaras, then local photographers invite you to be photographed in Kashmiri clothes. There is a floating “floating market” in the backward area of Dal Lake. Another great feature of Dal is the floating vegetable market. When the sun sets across the Dal in the evening, the whole lake turns orange due to its redness.

The Nagin Lake adjacent to it is also worth visiting. The gardens of Srinagar, especially Shalimar and Nishat, are famous for their beauty. Different colors of nature are seen in these gardens in different seasons. A visit to Srinagar is incomplete without visiting Chashme Shahi, Asia’s largest tulip garden, which opens only in April. People reach here in large numbers to see the Pari Mahal built by Shah Jahan’s son Dara Shikoh. Here is the ancient Shankaracharya temple on the Gopadri mountain. Hazrat Bal Dargah, where the holy hair of Prophet Muhammad is kept. There is a green mountain on which a fort is built, and there are two golf courses, there is a museum, which can be seen.

Heaven On Earth In India

Kashmir, Srinagar

Sonamarg, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg are three famous hill stations close to Srinagar. It is on three different paths. Although there is nothing special to see in these three places, the paths you pass through and the natural sights you come across after reaching here are enough to give you a feeling of heaven on earth, Kashmir. There are many such places where many Hindi films have been shot, and today this place is known as those films. Gulmarg Gondola is also a remarkable experience.

Heaven On Earth

Avantipura and Martad Sun Temple can also be visited to see. December and February are the best time for snow lovers in Srinagar. However, the sights of snow can be seen even till April. The weather from May to June and August to November is quite pleasant. In clothes, shawls, decorative items, they are wooden items, cricket bats, honey tones, and do not know what you can buy from here. Srinagar is very rich in natural beauty and architectural points of view. Here you can see both the temple and the mosque. Following are the main attractions of Srinagar.

Shankaracharya Temple

It is one of the oldest temples located in Kashmir. It is at an altitude of 11 feet above sea level, also known as Takht-e-Sulaiman.

Jama Masjid

Like the Shankaracharya Temple, Jama Masjid is also one of the oldest and largest mosques in Kashmir. This mosque is so big that thirty thousand people can offer Namaz together in it.

Kheer Bhavani Temple

It is the oldest religious place in Srinagar, dedicated to Mata Rangane Devi. An annual festival is organized here where people come from far and wide to have the darshan of the goddess.

Chetti Padshahi

It is the main Gurudwara of Sikhs which is located in Kashmir. It is believed that the sixth Guru of the Sikhs had come to visit Kashmir; at that time, he stayed here for some time.

In this way, Srinagar is A Heaven On Earth and a place of mutual brotherhood and love. People of all religions meet here and come to visit.

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