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Happy Teddy Bear Day 2018: 5 Gifts to give this Teddy Bear Day

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Every girl on Teddy Bear Day wishes that her boyfriend or husband will gift her a beautiful and cute teddy bear. In such a case it becomes necessary that the boy or husband is aware of the choice of his girlfriend or wife’s teddy bear. Apart from this, all of us should also know that teddy bears of each colour have different meanings. Let’s know which colour of teddy bear should be and when.

Teddy Bear colour shows how much you love- Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bear Day 2018

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It is known that blue teddy bear means that your love is very deep. If you are giving green colour teddy bears, then it means that you are waiting for them. Red colour teddy bear shows that your love is full of winds. The black teddy bear is considered as a symbol of love rejection. White teddy bear tells that Lover is already booked. The orange colour teddy bear is an indication that you are going to propose them.

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Teddy Bear Day Gifts –

 Teddy bears- The most important thing about teddy bears is that you have a beautiful and cute teddy bear gift for your loved one and girls love them. You can give any colour suitable to your situation and impress your girl this valentine.

teddy bear day valentine day

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 Greeting card-  Giving greeting card on teddy bear day has also increased significantly. You can also give your partner a greeting card written “I Love You” on it.

teddy bear day card valetine day

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Wall  Clock – If you want, you can also give your partner a beautiful wall clock on this day. There are many beautiful wall clocks available in the market.

teddy bear day valentine wall clock

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Flowers  –  Flower is also a great idea. Through this, you can send the fragrance of love to your partner.

 Love Cards –  Keeping Valentine’s Week in mind, many beautiful Love cards are being sold in the market. You can also gift them to your loved one on Teddy Day.

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So, we hope that you have got some ideas about what to give on this day to make it more special for your partner. Share your thoughts about Teddy Bear Day in the comment section below.

Happy Teddy Day 2018!

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