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Hairstyles According To Face And Nature Of Hair

The festival season is about to begin. There is enthusiasm and zeal in everyone, elders, and children. Everyone starts preparing in their own way. Everyone wants to look different at any festival. Hair look has an important role in enhancing the looks. Most of the women remain in suspense about their hair look. Not every type of hairstyles looks suits everyone. The look of the hair is based on the design of the face. You keep the look of your hairstyles based on the design of your face. This enhances your personality a lot. The haircut is done for the hair look. But before getting a haircut to change the look, you should know the nature of the face and hair well. Only after that decide on the right haircut.

Today we will know what is important during the hairstyles?


Everyone’s face shape is different. Therefore, whenever you get a haircut, keep in mind the shape of your face. If your face is round then bang hair cut on you can enhance your beauty. Deepika Padukone was seen with this hairstyle in the film Chandni Chowk to China. This hairstyle hides your broad forehead. If you have an oval face and you have long hair, then there is no need for you to get a haircut. Because long hair looks very beautiful with such a face. If your face is of heart shape i.e. broad forehead and pointed thud then side bang hair is best with such face.

Deepika padukone
source: indiatv.com

Nature of hair for different hairstyles

The nature of the hair should also be taken care of for the haircut. You choose the hairstyle based on your hair type. If you have thick hair then a bang-like haircut will be perfect for you. Whereas if you have light hair, then the choice of fringe hairstyle will be right. If you have curly hair then fringe long curls will be the best. Long curls will frame your cheeks and make you look your best.



Along with hair cuts, makeup will also have to be taken care of. Because the makeup is the final touch of every style. Along with the hairstyles, you also have to change the way of makeup. Simple makeup looks good with a stylish haircut. For hairstyles like bangs, winged liner, and lipstick will suffice. A little dark makeup can go for long hair. You can also do it with long hair earrings. This will add to your beauty.


You have changed the hairstyles according to your face and hair. But you might not like it. This should not bother you at all because styling takes time. If you used to do sides before and now you have chosen hairstyles in the middle, then the hair will take some time to sit.  It will take time to adjust to the new hairstyle. For this, keep setting the hair from time to time with the help of a hairdryer. Apart from this, you can also change the way you comb your hair.

different hairstyle

For the party or function for which you have chosen the hairstyles, you should get your hair cut 1 month before that party so that your hair will be perfect by the time the party arrives.

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