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Great Achievement Of India After Independence

India was called the golden bird before slavery. But the British robbed the gold of this golden bird and went away. But they may have forgotten that this bird is not of gold, but it has wings and it flies on its own. India has strengthened itself since independence and has been flying for the last many years. Today we will talk about the great achievement of India.

Great Achievement Of India


The constitution was made to implement republic and democracy in the country. This constitution makes the country a socialist, secular, democratic republic. Due to this constitution, citizens understand their rights and duties. Also, they can choose their own leader.

The Indian Constitution


Big countries like America and Russia were using nuclear power. India had also made its foray into this sector after almost a decade. Atomic Energy Institute was established in Trombay, a suburb of Mumbai. In addition, in 1967 it was renamed as Bhabha Atomic Research Center.

Bhabha atomic research center


The country’s first successful nuclear test conducted this year. That day was 18 May 1974. This test was done in Pokhran, Rajasthan. That name was Smiling Buddha. Then, this test established India as a powerful country.

Pokharan parmanu


Giving impetus to its space research, ISRO launched the first satellite Aryabhata in space. In fact, It was a completely indigenous Indian satellite. It named after the famous Indian astronomer Aryabhata. Its cost was around Rs 3 crore. This put India in line with satellite countries.



For the first time this year, an Indian went to space. It was a matter of pride for the whole country. India’s Rakesh Sharma stepped into space with two Russian astronauts. The Government of India honored him with the Ashoka Chakra for this achievement.

great achievement of India


The Light Combat Aircraft developed by Hindustan aeronautical limited took its first flight. In 2003 Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji named it Tejas.

source: indiatoday. in


This year ISRO achieved a great achievement. In October, he sent a spacecraft to the Moon. This Chandrayaan entered the Moon’s orbit in its very first launch.

Great achievement of India


This year, the vehicle reached the orbit of Mars from India. India became the fourth country to do so. This mission is known as Mangalyaan. Its cost was only 450 crores, which was much less than the other three countries. Made this campaign successful in India’s very first attempt.



This year three pilots became an example of women empowerment. Three women Bhavna Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi, and Mohana Singh joined the fighter jets. They joined the Air Force as pilots piloting fighter aircraft.

women empowerment


This time ISRO made a record of sending 104 satellites to space, which was a historic moment. Russia’s space agency had a record of sending 37 satellites, which ISRO took its name.

104 satellites
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