Thursday, October 5

GPS Is Being Installed Inside Garuda.

Garuda or eagle is a rare bird of India as well as the world. In the last few years, the number of the rare big Garuda in Assam has been decreasing continuously. Apart from this, its number is also decreasing in Cambodia. But it is a matter of happiness that its number is increasing rapidly in Kadwa Diara of Bhagalpur. These birds of stark species have liked the air of Bhagalpur. After the iron Sarang, Janghil, and Ghonghil birds, now the rare big Garuda and small Garuda have also started making this their habitat. Taking this matter seriously, the government has sanctioned Rs 53.13 lakh for them.


What is the project?

Rings with GPS trackers will be installed in the Garudas so that their monitoring will be done. For this, the state government has given Rs 53.13 lakh to the forest department. The responsibility of this work has been given to the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS). For the counting and monitoring of birds, the fourth center of the society in the country has been opened in Bhagalpur. Businesses in Japan and South Korea are constantly being contacted for GPS-enabled rings. There are about 600 big Garudas in this district. As a trial, GPS will be installed in the first 4 Garuda. For this, two treated and two healthy Garudas will be included.

Why GPS is being installed?

Satellite GPS, still and video cameras, besides GPS receivers and binoculars will be purchased with the money given by the government. This tracker will tell how far Garuda is flying, where is it going? It will also be seen that the Garuda of Bhagalpur has not gone and settled in Assam, has it? 

After Cambodia and Assam, the rare giant eagles made Kosi’s Kadwa Diara their center of population in 2006. At that time there were only 15 to 16 nests. There are about 600 Garudas here now. There are about 1600 Garudas in the whole world.

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