Wednesday, November 29

Government Of India Launched Kisan Sarathi

The technology of our country is progressing quadruple day by day. In addition, information about everything is available through the internet sitting at home.  In this process, a  digital app has been created in this area to strengthen the farmers. A digital app named Kisan Sarathi has been launched to equip the agricultural sectors with modern technology.  This app, created by the joint efforts of the Ministry of Information Technology and Agriculture, can prove to be very helpful for the farmers.  Through this app, farmers can find out about crop information and weather fluctuations. 

Kisan sarathi

ICAR Deputy General Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh said that The Ministry of Information Technology has played an important role in this.  Its Digital Corporation of India has worked to connect farmers through various networks.  More than 700 Krishi Vigyan Kendras of the country have been connected to it.  It will now become easier to connect farmers across the country. These farmers will also be able to ask questions according to their problems through their district’s KVK. Through this app, farmers will also be able to take advice from scientists about fertilizers and seeds. 

kisan sarathi app

What are the benefits of the Kisan Sarathi App?

  • Information about the ongoing prices of food grains, fruits, and vegetables will be available in the mandis. 
  • Information about suitable fertilizers and seeds will be available at the time of sowing.
  • KVK scientists will give the solutions which is asked by farmers about this.
  • Along with food, horticulture produce will also be bought and sold. 
  • To know the methods of prevention of diseases caused by crops. 
  • Weather-related information will also be available 
  • After the crops are ready, it will be easy to find out the market price of their produce. 
  • Information on transportation of crops to warehouses and sales in the market is also available. 

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