Friday, March 24

Google Will Launch A New Feature For Cyber Security

Nowadays, it has become quite common to rob people by breaking into cyber security. Cybercriminals Trap People and steal their data. Just a few days ago, there was news of a cyber attack on 14,000 Gmail users. Users reported that these cyber attacks were carried out by the Russian government group APT28. Gmail is a free POP3 and IMAP webmail service. It is provided by the company. That’s why Google’s troubles have increased since the cyber attack on Gmail. After this incident, Google immediately started working on it. Google does not want to give any problem to its users. Therefore, recently it was announced by the company that a cyber security protection feature would be launched from its side soon.

cyber security

This feature of Google will protect high-profile people from cyber attacks. High-profile people have a lot of data in Gmail, due to which they have to face problems due to hacking. This feature of Google company will save users from these troubles. According to news from ZDNet, Google has written in its blog post saying that the number of cyberattacks on high-profile people and large groups is increasing continuously. It is also not good news for us that our site is not protected from cyberattacks. Therefore, extra protection will be provided to such users by the company.

With additional protection, users will be able to keep their data secure. The company of Google is making a separate team for this, which will warn the users about the dangerous attacks of the world. The company will work closely with the leading cyber security organization for such work to get the best facilities.

Google’s World Class Cyber Security System

According to the company, when this extra protection comes, its security system will be world-class. After that, there will be no complaint of the cyber attack on any site or app of Google. With this security system, users will be able to feel more secure. With this system, users will not have any risk of their data being stolen. According to Google, an Advanced Protection Program (APP) will also be brought by Google. On behalf of the company, talks are going on with many institutions around the world. After the negotiations, these institutions will provide more than 10,000 free security keys against cyber attacks. Google has partnered with the International Foundation for the Electoral System (IFES), UN Women, and the nonprofit Defending Digital Campaign (DDC).

However, according to the news, not all people will benefit from this security system of Google. According to The Google Company, the new cyber security feature will be on human rights activists, journalists, politicians, and officials worldwide. Such people have more cyber-attacks because they are in groups. By stealing such people’s data, too many people or the whole country can be put in trouble. Politicians’ and journalists’ data is related to the country where terrorist attacks can be carried out. Therefore, it is very important to protect such people from cyber security. According to the news, Google’s new security feature can be launched next year,i.e., early 2022.

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