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Google News Founder: Krishna Bharat, One More Techie Making India Proud

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The IT industry owes a lot to India. Its phenomenal success has some stupendous Indians in the background working relentlessly to put India on the global map. Krishna Bharat is one such name associated with google news. With Google news home page you can get the latest news across various categories like politics sports weather business and technology to name a few.

google news krishna bharat


Krishna Bharat was born on 7th January 1970. He grew up in IT city Bengaluru and completed his schooling from there.

While he did his schooling from Saint Joseph’s boys high school in Bengaluru he attained his degree in IT from Indian institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, proceeding to the Georgia Institute of Technology to pursue his Ph D in human computer interactions.

Krishna Bharat started his career in DEC Systems Research Center palo Alto C A in 1996. He  later joined Goggle Inc. in 1999. He is the founder and first director of Google R & d centre in Bengaluru. He is currently the founding advisor at Laserlike Inc.( the internet search engine) and Grokstyle Inc (they develop visual search recognition software). He is on the board of visitors in the Columbia Journalism School and John S. Knight journalism fellowships at Stanford. His net worth is 17 million dollars.

Krishna Bharat the creator of Google News-
Krishna Bharat creator of Google news was in the US at the time of world trade centre bombing.  He wanted to keep himself abreast with the latest happenings and thus google news was born. This Amazing service automatically indexes over 25,000 news websites in more than 25 languages to provide a summary of the News resources. The completely automated news aggregator was a huge leap for Google which was earlier offering just plain text searches on its page. Google news service is available on Android, Ios and Web. Google news site offers news in various categories. Research shows that more than 62% people around the world rely on the internet for their news and google has diligently taken note of the fact. The Brand new Google News App was introduced on IOS devices last month. The app will roll out to users across 127 countries in the coming months.

Krishna Google Achievements-
In 2004 Krishna received the world technology award for media and journalism.

In 2015, Krishna Bharat received the distinguished alumnus award from his alma mater IIT Madras

At Google he developed LocalRank, the fast and accurate way to track local search rankings which can be considered to be an adaptation of Hilltop which he had developed with George Mihaila at DEC systems.

Krishna Bharat Ideals-
Krishna Bharat strongly believes that computer science should be a part of the early school curriculum. According to him children should program to learn and start using their computing superpowers to probe the world, experiment and acquire knowledge in a proactive way from a young age.

Krishna bharat is constantly in touch with the social media sites to tackle fake news.

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