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Friday, February 3

Golden Temple Of Amritsar: Know About History

Punjab is also a state among the other States Of India. Punjab comes in the northwest of our country. Amritsar is the most famous city in Punjab. The Sikhs made this city their religious place. Sikhs have had many gurus. Among those gurus, the fourth Guru Ramdas had established the city of Amritsar. He had also built a holy pond there. After that, Guru Arjun Singh got the Golden Temple constructed. A temple that shines like gold from afar. Today we will talk about the world-famous Golden Temple of Amritsar in Punjab.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is famous in Amritsar

Golden temple means temple made of gold. It is also known as Sri Harimandir Sahib and Darbar Sahib. After Guru Arjun Dev, Sikh King Ranjit Singh had decorated the Golden Temple with copper and gold. There is a holy water pond near the Golden Temple. On the moonlit night, when the temple’s shadow falls in the water, people are stunned to see it. The wall of the Golden Temple is made of marble. The holy book of Sikhs, the Granth Sahib, also resides in this temple. The truth is that this temple is not only believed by Sikhs but also by other people. People of other religions come from far and wide to see this building. Sikh people consider this temple as their religious temple. Every day a large number of devotees come to visit this temple.

Akal Takht

About 50 yards from the Golden Temple is the Akal Takht, a historical place of Sikhs. Guru Nanak Dev is considered to be the founder of Sikhism. At this place, he used to teach his disciples related to religion and society. Many important things were decided here. Disputes among people were also settled. It was like a kind of court. All these things happened before the formation of the Golden Temple of Amritsar.

Holy Place: Golden Temple

Today people organize a fair at this place many times a year. A fair is also held on the birthday of the First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev. Sikh people from all over Punjab get together. Many Sikhs from outside also come on that day. This fair is held on the day of Guru Purnima. Prasad is given to all the visitors who come here, free food is served, and the poor are served. The Golden Temple is counted among the major temples of India. Foreign travelers also become very happy seeing this temple. After coming here, you hear the sound of Guru Vani throughout the day. Sikhs bow their heads in front of the temple before entering the Temple. Before entering the temple, it is very important to wash the feet and keep a cloth on the forehead.

Along with the temple’s stairs, all the incidents related to the Temple and its complete history are found written. A beautiful arrangement of lights has been made in this temple for the night. There is also a stone monument in the temple premises, erected to pay homage to the brave Sikh soldiers. Although the Golden Temple is crowded with devotees every day, it is more visible in the summer. There is no place to set foot on festivals like Baisakhi, Lohri, Guru Nanak Parv, Martyr’s Day, Sangrand (Sankranti). It is believed that everyone’s wishes get fulfilled here.

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