Tuesday, March 28

Ghayal Once Again Review

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This movie is a sequel of Ghayal, which was released in 1990. After 26 years later, Sunny Deol has come back with his dhai kilo ka haath. In Ghayal Once Again movie, Ajay Mehra(Sunny Deol) fights against the corruted system.

After just releasing of this movie,it has collected Rs. 23.25 crore  within three days. Sunny Deol has tweeted on Twitter to pay thanks his fans.

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Ajay Mehra is still fighting for the loss of his wife and child in an accident.
Sunny Deol, who is playing the main role, has also directed this film. Dr Riya (Soha Ali Khan) is his neurologist.
Producer is his father Dharmendra Deol.

Deol’s hero is idolized by four college kids who make a horrible enemy in Raj Bansal (Narendra Jha) and his son Kabir (Abhilash Kumar).There is only one person who is standing in between these teens and Bansal.

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