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Frank Jr Abagnale: 19 year old boy who cheated banks of 27 countries

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Indian media nowdays is flooded with the news of Nirav Modi’s  fraud . Modi’s company has made a payment to fake officials by paying a bribe to the bank officials. But there is a man in the world who has recorded a record in cheating banks. It could hardly equate it to anyone. Frank Jr Abagnale cheated with banks in 50 U.S. states and 26 countries of the world.

Frank Jr Abagnale

Image: Business Insider

Steven Spielberg made a film called ‘Catch Me if You Can’ on Frank Jr Abagnale. Leonardo DiCaprio was in lead role. Catch Me if You Can movie is real story, but Frank’s real story is slightly different from the movie. The drama is a bit more in the movie. Talking about the movie, the world’s most famous con artist, ever with the help of theft, the bank and the FBI started consulting for prevention of theft.

Frank Jr Abagnale started when he was only 15 years old

In 1964, Frank made the first fraud at the age of 15. Frank’s father gave him a truck and a credit card. He fudged $ 3400 from it. After this Frank framed many frauds through checks. He gave many bounced cheque and also made a fake cheque of a company’s paycheck. Frank learned to print magnetic code and he put his account magnetic code on the check slip of others. The money in the bank’s machine scanning went into the account of Abagnale.

Frank Jr Abagnale


In the meantime, Frank Abagnale Jr thought of becoming a pilot. On a great uniform and a fake employee card, he traveled more than 2.5 million kilometers across the world.

Pilot, lawyer, doctor

After becoming a pilot, he became a teacher. After this he was a doctor in a hospital for some time. Frank then went to Harvard a obtained a fraudulent degree and became a lawyer. There is one more thing about Frank, he never cheated a small shopkeeper, store owner. Frank’s fraud was always with Corporates.

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Abagnale was captured in 1969. A former air hostess girlfriend identified him which lead to his arrest. He was jailed for 12 years. Frank’s age was 19 years old at this time.

Frank Abagnale was released in 1974. The FBI wanted to help him catch the thieves. In return, the FBI did not give any money to him. After that Frank worked hard to work honestly. Knowing his history people used to remove him from the job. After this he gave an offer to the bank. He soon started giving lectures to the employees of the bank to catch theft. If this benefits, then the bank would give him 500 dollars and the opportunity to give a lecture in another branch. If the lecture is not beneficial then there is no money.

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After that Frank’s work went on, he wrote books on his own life. After the film of Spielberg, Frank’s name became famous throughout the world, Frank Jr. Abagnale still runs a company. His job is to save people from fraud. And today he very respected in the world of fraud prevention.

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