Thursday, October 5

The fourth largest force in the world, the Indian army

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The Indian Army is the fourth largest force in the world. In terms of military strength, India is only below America, Russia and China.

Indian Army

Image: India Today

Indian Army – Powerful Military

According to the Indian Express report, India is at number four in the list of the world’s most powerful military in the Global Firepower (GFP) rankings. In terms of military strength, the first 10 places include Britain, France, Japan, Turkey and Germany. India’s neighboring country Pakistan is ranked 13th in the list.

The US tops the list, while Russia is second and China is the third largest force. It is also stated in the GPF ranking that the speed at which China is increasing its military capabilities is being perceived that it will soon overtake Russia and take over the second place. China has more fighter planes and navy ships than Russia, but in the case of the tanks, it is much ahead of Russia.

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India has consistently retained its place in top five while Pakistan has got place in the top 15 list for the first time.

India is ahead of China in Military Capability

According to GFP estimation, India is ahead of China in terms of military capability. India has 42,07,250 soldiers, while China has only 37,12,500 soldiers. Although China has 22,60,000 active soldiers, India has an army of 13,62,500 active soldiers. The power of the Reserve Battalion of India is 28,44,750, while China’s 14,52,500.

Global Firepower tests indian army

To prepare this list, Global Firepower tests the military capabilities of every country on 50 different parameters. In this, natural resources, industries, geographical conditions and labor force are tested with military resources. It does not count the nuclear weapons. However, countries having nuclear weapons capabilities are given additional points. The defense budget also holds an important place in this assessment.

India is continuously improving its military by adding new weapons. The country is also the largest buyer of war weapons in the world.

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