Friday, July 19

World’s first phone with on-screen fingerprint sensor.

Today phone-makers are trying to use the most of screen display with edge-to-edge screens and due to this the fingerprint sensor has moved either to the side or back, But the Chinese phone maker Vivo showed off by removed them entirely.

vivo on screen fingerprint sensor


Yes you heard it right. At CES 2018, Vivo revealed the world’s first phone with a fingerprint sensor embedded underneath the touchscreen.

Let’s have a look :

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The phone will be launched in the first half of 2018.

The company had already announced last year it had developed the “in-display fingerprint scanning” technology for a prototype phone.

The new version of the finger-scanning tech is optical-based and was developed with Synaptics.

A fingerprint icon on the lock screen shows you where to place your finger. This technology fingerprint sensor on screen will only work for phones that use OLED displays because the sensor looks through the spaces between subpixels from under the panel. An LCD has a backlight that would interfere with the process.

Registering your fingerprint works the same way it does on a phone with a regular fingerprint sensor. Once your finger’s been registered, unlocking your phone works just as if there was a physical fingerprint sensor below the screen. Simply place your finger over the icon and press gently.

The unlocking works pretty quickly, as long as you place your finger over the entire fingerprint icon. If you’re just slightly off, it usually fails to recognize it.

As, the in-display sensor is only located at the centre-bottom. A Vivo spokesperson told that the company picked that location because people were used to it.

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Vivo has not announced the name of the smartphone it is embedding the in-display fingerprint recognition technology into.

Meanwhile, several reports claim the device could be Vivo X20 Plus UD, suggesting Vivo is integrating the technology into X20 Plus launched last year.