Tuesday, October 3

Fatty Foods contain poisonous element

Balanced diet is good for healthy life. A balanced diet includes all types of nutrition like carbohydrate, fats, minerals, protein, vitamins, etc. But it has been revealed in earlier studies that it is danger for heart diseases and diabetes to eat excessive amount of fatty foods in diet. “Sale Report” has published a new research on this. According to them, by eating excessive amount of fats in food, there is huge change in the molecular activity. It increased the risk of getting cancer in intestine and stomach. There is a strong risk between obesity and the risk of developing tumors.

fatty food

Fatty foods increase the risk of cancer

According to Center for disease control and prevention, food of saturated fats like red meat increases the tumor of stomach and intestine. The stem cell of intestine become the source of cancer. Researchers were investigating that how stem cells adjusted themselves in high fatty foods. In this sequence, PPAR ( Peroxisome proliferator- activated receptors), who increases the cellular program, so that to increase the risk of cancer.

Researchers studied it on rats. After ascertaining the different roles of PPAR they gave the high fatty foods to rats. Fats break in the form of free fatty acid which activates the PPAR sensor. This sensor catalyzes  such types of gene that breaks down fatty acids and the remaining fatty acids reaches on mitochondria where the cell gets energy from its oxidation. In this way developing of tissues increases. But for this, increases the chance of mutation. This type of sudden mutation and increasing the number of cell increases the risk of cancer of stomach and intestine.

Researchers found that there was increase the death rate of those rats who consumed high fatty foods  because the process of tumor formation in them is going to accelerate.

Meanwhile, it suggested that, this danger can be reduced 70%  by exercising moderation in diet.

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