Sunday, December 10

Facebook facts..!!

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Facebook is a famous social networking website, app. Firstly to use it, we need to become its user. So we have to sign up and sign in. Facebook facts are amazing. Not only you learn from here but also earn money too.

Have a look on Facebook Facts-

1) It tracks sites you visit even after you sign out.
2) You can’t block Mark Zukerberg on Facebook.
3) The meaning of the term ‘poke’ is undefined.
4) 350 millions photos are uploaded everyday on this social media.
5) There are 745 million daily mobile users.
6) 83% of prostitutes have Facebook pages.
7) There are around 6,00,000 hacking attempts made on this network everyday.

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8)1 in every 13 people on this earth is using this social media.
9) This is available in 70 different languages.
10) Initially, engineers wanted to call the “Like” button as the “Awesome” button.

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