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Every app steals your data there is only one way to avoid this. Read here

Controversies surrounding privacy and security at all places after the data theft of Cambridge Analytica worldwide. Political parties are also not left out of these disputes. Every app steals your data. So the question arises, how do we protect our data and why?

App security

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It is not possible to keep data fully private from the App

The general rule is that governments and public life should have transparency. Private things should be private. But in the course of earning money from the data, this is exactly opposite. You need to use the phone, online banking. Filling income tax returns sitting in Ola-Uber buying goods from retail stores such as Big Bazaar In some of these, you have to give your data somewhere. Data is not so bad at all. The worst is it to be stolen without your knowledge. Misuse of it.

Why is it important for you to protect the data?

You are single today. Have a friendship with someone on your Facebook turned into some personal friendship There have been many such things that do not appear in public life. After 10 years you became the vice president of a big company. Now a company can blackmail you. By erasing your old stories, you can eliminate your public image.

It does not matter if you do not mind it. Your phone is not just for talking. It contains your photo, number of important people, and all the details of the bank are related to the bank. Your base verification number SIM card is on the same phone. Anyone accessing them can harm you.

What are the measures to avoid

Stop using fingerprint

There is a fundamental difference between fingerprint and password. You can change if your password is stolen. But fingerprint cannot be changed if it is stolen. So avoid the fingerprint, especially in the phone service. We all find it easy to put a finger on the fingerprint scanner of the phone and the phone is open. But if someone steals your fingerprint from here? If you open your phone by stealing fingerprint from anywhere else. If you are sleepy, unconscious, then someone near you will open your phone and will not know

In 2014 a hacker hacked Germany’s Defense Minister’s phone to prove Biometric Detail as unsafe. That man without touching the phone With the photographs and hacking taken away, the defence minister’s phone opened without a password in front of him. There is no gadget to do this. Laptop with a good megapixel mobile phone and internet connection will be enough to reach the personal information of the most powerful man in the world.

Encrypt data

Encryption is the strongest solution to data protection. There is only one condition that it is one-sided. If you lose your password yourself, then your data will be useless for you too. So use it to think thinking.

Almost every Android phone has an option for encryption. Encryption comes in bit. 128 bit is enough for general security. Army, governments use encryption up to 2048 bit. It is very difficult to break the encryption. The 128-bit encryption really means that your data will be coded into 128x127x126x125 …… 3x2x1 combinations. It will be just one of the right from which this data will open. To open this data without this key (password), one has to try these billions trillion combinations.

That’s a lot of computer hardware. For example, to open 2048 bit encryption, someone needs a computer with 120 terabytes of memory. Therefore, normal laptops do not carry more than 1-2 terabytes of storage, it means that normal or small hackers cannot open up to eternity. Yes, when Facebook, Google, or itself, a large country government or anonymous, like Hacker Group, is behind your data, it will be cracked.

Go to your phone’s settings, go to Security and Password and encrypt anything you want. After this your data is safe. If someone steals it, then it is not of any use. Yes, remember that your phone will slow down after the encryption. With this you have to transfer your photos, or other things to another phone, computer, then you have to do it carefully. The only way to remove encryption is to reset your phone to factory mode and transfer your data somewhere else with success.

If your phone does not have encryption, do not be disappointed There are many apps available to encrypt the data. In addition to this, you can also encrypt any particular Facebook chat and Whitespace.

Keep laptop and computer webcam off

If your computer is connected to the Internet then tape it on its webcam. It is not necessary to do this, but there are many cases where hackers hack the computer’s webcam. It is possible to remotely view internet connected systems. But you can also see your objections from webcams.

One more thing, the incognito mode of a browser does not guarantee the security of your password. Incognito claims to not only save your data and browser. If you want to have a secure Internet connection on your system, you can use a browser with a TOR extension and VPN.

In today’s era, full privacy is not possible on the Internet. Making it safer is quite possible.

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