Tuesday, March 28

Equal opportunity to E-commerce business

On Monday, there was news related to the sale of E-commerce that the government was planning to stop big discount and flash sale like ideas of the small and big companies on the platform of E-commerce. But on Tuesday, the ministry of consumer affairs has issued a clarification on this Meanwhile, the ministry of consumer cleared that only fraud cases will be banned. It will continue the huge discount on the platform of online .shopping companies.


According to the ministry, it has to increase the transparency on the platform of E-commerce and to make strong the regulatory system.

Government’s planning

E-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon do flash sales for mobile phones and other products from time to time. Now the government has cleared that if there will be any complaining about flash sales then it will be investigated.

As part of the plan to improve the online sector, the ministry has issued a draft of new rules to monitor e-commerce business. For this, it has said that to set up management to stop the fraud related to flash sales. According to experts, this exercise is to stop the arbitrariness of some big companies and to give equal opportunity to small companies.


The government is planning for the registration of E-commerce companies in DPIIT.  On issuing the E-commerce rule, 2020 by the ministry of consumer, the Confederation of Of All India Trade said that when this rule will take effect then there will be equal opportunity in the business. With this, the modalities and parameters of conducting e-commerce business in India have been explained in very clear terms. So, now foreign commerce companies have no chances for playing the rule that they were doing last year. In the proposed amendments, e-commerce entities will have to provide information within 72 hours of receipt of orders from a government agency for prevention, detection and investigation, and prosecution of offenses under any law.

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